Tailwheel Crewneck Sweatshirts

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Tell everyone how you feel about flying tailwheel airplanes. That's right, you feel awesome!

Tags: stearman, airplane, birthday-present, fly, vintage


How do you know someone is a taildragger pilot? Oh, they'll tell you :) Might as well wear the T-shirt

Tags: vintage, retro, cessna-120, cessna, flying


Our retro yellow "Tailwheel Pilot" shirt, designed like the gas station uniforms of old. Wear it proudly!

Tags: pilot, cessna, retro, aviation, airplane


How do you really feel about tailwheel flying? The few, the proud, the tailwheel pilot... Tell the world

Tags: taildragger, birthday-present, aeroplane, stearman, airplane


Capture the essence of tailwheel and backcountry flying with this design.

Tags: flying, bush, adventurer, backcountry, taildragger


Show the world you're part of the club. 3-Color logo, printed 11-inches across the front chest

Tags: aviation, flying, pilot, aviator, airplanes