Holiday Highlight With HandsOffMyDinosaur


Tags are crucial for discovery and sales -- they power TeePublic's search system, and since the majority of your customers purchase through searching on the site, having quality tags is super important and necessary for visibility! It's time to review and optimize your tags for the holiday season!

Here's one top artist to tell you more: Teo Zirinis aka HandsOffMyDinosaur


Advice and feedback from artists, for the artists!

Q: What was your knowledge of tagging before starting with TeePublic?

A: Before uploading to TeePublic I had been uploading my work on other POD websites and knew tagging played an important role when selling a design.

Q: Have you watched our Tagging 101 video and what information did you gather from it?

A: I did watch the Tagging 101 video and it really helped me being more careful not to use a main tag that is too broad or too specific but somewhere in between. 


Let's All Go And Have Breakfast by handsoffmydinosaur

Q: In your opinion, how has tagging impacted your sales on the TeePublic marketplace?

A: I think proper use of tagging has definitely made a positive impact when it comes to my sales.

Q: How much time do you put into tagging each design?

A: I spend around 2 to 3 minutes finding the right tags every time I upload new work, and I sometimes revisit old designs when I think of new keywords that could help make a design easier to find.

Q: Do you have a specific design that you were having trouble tagging? How did you figure out the right tags?

A: I sometimes have trouble choosing the best main tag for a design, especially when the subject matter is composed of different elements. For this design for example, I wasn’t sure if the main tag should be Bird or Slogan, or if both were too broad, so I went with Tired, which I still am unsure about :)

Q: What are some of your most commonly used tags for your designs? 

A: I tend to use a lot of adjectives to combine the subject matter of my design and a descriptive element. For example, Funny Mushroom, or Punny Shark.

Q: Do you have a holiday plan to review your tags? If so, any tips/pointers you're willing to share?  

A: My TeePublic store has hundreds of designs so reviewing all of them would be really hard and time consuming, but every year, around the end of October, I try to review and occasionally update tags for some of my most popular and festive designs. The best advice I was given was to put myself in the buyer’s shoes. To think about what word combination that person is using to find the shirt of their choice.


Badass by handsoffmydinosaur

For more tagging inspiration and guidance, check out our holiday tagging video!  

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