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Support high school football with this design.

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Friday Night Football Hoodie

by MBuck
$45 $35

Olympian design for high school track and field, college track and field, olympic tryouts or just hobby javelin throwers. Smoke grey impact font reads throwers, crimson red font reads Hell Yeahvelin. Sure to stand out even from the 50 yard ring. Wear it while you set a world record! Track Moms, Track Dads, a great gift for your student athlete!

Tags: athletics, high-school-sports, athlete-gift, college-athletics, athletes

HELL YEAHVELIN Javelin Throwers' tee Hoodie

by GeekGiftGallery
$45 $35

Great gift for your high school track and field star, college athlete, olympic hopeful or kid who likes to throw things.

Tags: olympian, throwing, throwers, sports, hammer-thrower