A League Of Their Own Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts


There just isn't

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Inspired by the Penny Marshall film A League of Their Own, this was created on opening day for the 2019 season. And I’ve yet to see a man catch a ball while sliding into the splits, which is a travesty on behalf of all sports.

Tags: baseball-design, baseball, womens-baseball, women-baseball, woman-baseball-player


This one's for baseball fans who believe that there's no crying in baseball.

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"There's no crying in baseball!" - A League of Their Own.

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Funny baseball design

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Tags: womens-baseball, a-league-of-their-own

Tags: you, thanks, toy-story, the-money-pit, big


This is another fanart inspired by a local convention guest. I tried to bring several of her roles into one picture.

Tags: humor, pin-up, pinup, tankgirl, retro

Tags: major-league-baseball, baseball-design, throwback, retro, baseball-bat

Tags: saving-private-ryan, toy-story, apollo-13, sleepless-in-seattle, a-league-of-their-own


St. Louis Cardinals Tribute Shirt

Tags: arch, 1982-cardinals, 1982-world-series, 1982, saintlouis


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