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Tags: sentimental, virgin, memory, timeless, eyes


Ballpoint pen and ink. Inspired by American Horror History Coven.

Tags: blackandwhite, nightmare, witches, witch, coven


Funny gift for christmas holiday season. Perfect birthday present for mom, dad, son, daughter, father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle. Nice for friends and family.

Tags: humorous, humor, green, color-green, blindness


"Raise awareness of The Power Elite by wearing this shirt and protesting the Illuminati's agenda for the New World Order!" -

Tags: stay-woke, unconsciousness, unconscious, yoga, meditation


Did You See That? Written in Braille.

Tags: braille-alphabet, blindness, seeing-eye-dog, seeing, blind


Simple blindness t-shirt design features white "Love is blind" caption written also with colorful Braille letters.

Tags: braille, braille-funny, quote, blindness, funny-quote


Illness strikes men when they are exposed to change. Available in an array of colors.

Tags: malady, jedi, rafter, palsy, unprotected


Vision looks upward and becomes faith.

Tags: gogg, blindness, stephen-samuel-wise, ascending, turn


Eye chart with the text: "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision"

Tags: oftalmology, snellen, oftalmologist, blindness, blind


klimt, fregio di beethoven

Tags: blind, lovers, love, galaxy, space

love is blind Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by nonsuperareledosiconsigliate

Where there is no vision there is no hope. Available in an array of colors.

Tags: modality, sight, george-washington-carver, somewhere, on-that-point


Know anyone who is fashion blind? This is a funny one for any unfashionable folk who are the opposite of trendsetters and proud to be so. Lacking style these people could be cited by the fashion police.

Tags: fashion, unfashionable, fashionable, blind, blindness


Funny One Liner Joke About Glasses Gift For Optometrist

Tags: one-liner, funny-joke, funny-one-liner, optometry, eye-doctor


awaken girl

Tags: trippy-mushroom, awakens, awaken, psychonaut, shrooms


How do I, as a human being on this planet, fit into the universe with my soul, mind and body? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CAN'T DECIDE ON A COLOR? yuniku suggests * (Vintage) White * (Charcoal) Heather and * Black/Asphalt for Shirts/Tops/Hoodies! Thank you for your support!

Tags: blindness, dystopic, open-minded, mind, imagination


Love Is Blind written in Braille

Tags: love, blind, braille-gifts, braille-reading, braille-teachers


It's an idea I had looking at Braille writing at the side of a book and I thought I haven't seen a Pride design that includes the Braille tactile writing system & how cool it would be if I could make one that people could customize with studs or rhinestones or whatever comes to mind!!!! Perfect for diys!!!

Tags: yellow, red, purple, diy-pride-customize, rainbow


Love Is Blind, written in Braille and normal text.

Tags: braille-funny, braille-writing, braille-gifts, braille-alphabets, blind