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I wouldn't go in there if I were you.....

Tags: abstract, evil-dead, army-of-darkness, boomstick, bruce-campbell


This is my boom stick!!! Any questions?

Tags: commodore-64, ash, army-of-darkness, boomstick, the-evil-dead


Mashup inspired by two of my fav horror movies.

Tags: the-walking-dead, movie, art, evil-dead, army-of-darkness


Mashup of two of my fav horror movies! White print version, groovy!

Tags: the-walking-dead, movie, art, undead, ash-vs-evil-dead


Who do you call when the Deadites are a creeping and your all alone in the not so nice part of the woods? ASH BITCH!!!

Tags: abstract, ash, evil-dead, boomstick, army-of-darkness