J Fashion Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Tags: manga, harajuku-fashion, anime, harajuku, tokyo

Tags: harajuku-fashion, anime, harajuku, tokyo, japanese-symbols

Tags: j-fashion, harajuku-fashion, harajuku, japanese, japan

Tags: manga, anime, fandom, fan, japanese

Tags: j-fashion, japan, japanese, japanese-symbol, japanese-symbols

Tags: hotline-blin, waifu, j-fashion, japanese, japan



Tags: harajuku, pastel, rabbits, j-fashion, fairy-kei

Spacey Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by gorillaprutt
$24 $18

Lolitas can sure be salty sometimes- let's laugh at ourselves with this Morton Salt Vendetta-Chan parody!

Tags: japanese, lolita, lolita-fash, sweet-lolita, gothic-lolita


Harajuku Shironuri Taurus

Tags: astrology, horoscope, japanese, tattoo, astrological-signs

Taurus Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by foosweechin
$24 $18

Anyone can fight crime, but if you're a true magical girl, you know you have to look cute while doing it. Show off your girl power with this kawaii design, in either blue or pink font!

Tags: puella-magi-madoka-magica, sailor-senshi, sailor-moon, harajuku, japanese


Yami kawaii inspired design. I has so much fun working on this.

Tags: menhera-kei, yamikawaii, kawaii, sad-kawaii, menhera


Magical girls inspired heart... Cause we all have a gem heart

Tags: kawaii, celestia, sweet-lolita, rainbow, j-fashion


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