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Pentagram within pentagram.

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Simple, minimalist white pentagram on dark color design. One of the most ancient designs, the pentagram has been used by various religions, orders, countries etc from time immemorial. The Pythagoreans called it ὑγιεία hugieia "health". Renaissance occultists flipped it upside down and put a goat in it. The planet Venus seems to follow a pentagram-like orbit as seen from earth. The pentagram also represents the five senses and male and female principles. The Druids used the pentagram to symbolize the Godhead, while to the Jews in signified the five Mosaic books. The Bahaai faith still uses it as their main symbol. In general, it is one of the most common symbols used throughout history and it even follows the golden ratio. [read mo...

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Magic, Pentacle, Pentagram, Witchcraft, Occult, esoteric, pagan, runes

Tags: pagan, neo-paganism, witchcraft, satanism, pentacle

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The responsibilities of the village witch include providing high-quality love potions to friends, doling out curses, and handling all the spooky situations which crop up for a tiny hamlet in the woods. This design features laurels around a pentacle, or pentagram, and draws on common symbolism found in paganism, wicca, and druidism.

Tags: witchcraft, witches, the-witch, the-vvitch, wicca


A fun reinterpretation of the US flag.

Tags: flag-parody, old-glory, satanist, satanic, pentagram-cult


Lucifer Morningstar Quote, The best thing to do is to follow your desire. Must have for all lucistar series fans!

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