Retro Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirts



Tags: vintage, 1980s, 80s, humor, gaming

retro Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by 1000horsemen

"You boys go outside and play with your knives!"

Tags: 70s, vintage, knife, kids-book, funny

Tags: hello-dum-dum, gazoo, flintstones, cartoon



Tags: movie, cult-film, famous-film, 80-s-cartoon, cult-films


Kickin' it old school SFUSD. This was the gym uniform of San Francisco Public School District when I was a kid. Nostalgic, I decided to recreate it. I lovely matched the original font and arc of the type to bring back that SF locker room staple.

Tags: san-francisco

Tags: captain-caveman, teen-angels, hanna-barbera, saturday-morning, cartoon

Tags: rom, toy, robot, space-knight

Tags: shogun-warriors, mazinger, gaiking, raideen, dragun

Tags: hanna-barbera, cartoons, saturday-morning, animation

Tags: slush-puppie, puppy, drink, dog


"Hold me closer, Tony Danza." This one is a play on one of the more commonly misunderstood lyrics out there. With retro mall iron-on style lettering and a vintage pic of the man himself, this one's a throwback special riddled in obscurity that will have people asking WTF!? This version of the Hold Me Closer tee includes a tasteful vintage effect, including plenty of cracks, chips and fading making it look like you picked it up in the 70s.

Tags: memeshirt, funny, 1980s, 1970s, meme

Tags: star-wars, sci-fi, tatooine, desert, logo

Tags: wagon-wheel, timer, time-for-timer, psa, public-service-announcement

Tags: ktel, k-tel, records, commercial

K-TEL Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by Chewbaccadoll

Tags: ninja-turtles, arcade, nintendo, video-games, donkey-kong

Tags: welcome-back-kotter, barbarino, horseshack, washington, epstein


DX7 inspired colours

Tags: 80s, yamaha, synth, synthesiser, synthpop


A vintage hero

Tags: tranzor, nerd, design, geek, 80s

Tags: ron-jeremy, ronjeremy, porn, pornstar, hope


The Living Seas Retro Epcot

Tags: wdw, epcot, epcot-center, waltdisneyworld, living-seas

Tags: pick-a-winner, green-guy, pick-nose


video cassettes

Tags: cassette-tape, vintage, video, 1980s, 1990s

Tags: chicago, bears, walter, payton, football


This digital pet is looking for someone to take care of him and I think he’s pointing at you. Don't leave him alone!

Tags: pop-culture, pop, uncle-sam, gaming, game

Tags: bayonetta, cerecita, jeanne, umbre, umbra


Snorlax just do it better.

Tags: gaming, pokemon, snorlax, sleep, sleeping


FIGURE.1 - ACHERONTIA ATROPOS a. have the lambs stopped screaming?

Tags: horror, the-silence-of-the-lambs, hannibal, hannibal-lecter, death-head-moth


Some 'naners!

Tags: vintage, x724skq, unisex, 90s, fruit

Tags: mens-synchronized-swimming, harry-shearer, martin-short, snl, saturday-night-live

Tags: roadway, neon-roadway, road, drive, retro-drive


Eyes of the Hawk. Ears of the Wolf. Strength of the Bear.

Tags: bravestarr, filmation, lou-scheimer, 1980s, television


Trendy retro design for normalizing and making that dead feel an aesthetic feel

Tags: aesthetics, vaporwave, vintage, retro-fashion, seapunk

Tags: art, seapunk, gaming, vaporwave-aesthetic, new


Vintage distressed Indian chief Monoscope TV test pattern.

Tags: geek, tv-pop-culture, pop-culture, old-tv-pattern, vintage

Tags: illustration, world, globe, aeroplane, aircraft

Travel Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by RetroLogosDesigns

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