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"You are not entering this world in the usual manner, for you are setting forth to be a Dungeon Master. Certainly there are stout fighters, mighty magic-users, wily thieves, and courageous clerics who will make their mark in the magical lands of D&D adventure. You however, are above even the greatest of these, for as DM you are to become the Shaper of the Cosmos. It is you who will give form and content to the all the universe. You will breathe life into the stillness, giving meaning and purpose to all the actions which are to follow." -- Gary Gygax

Tags: warrior, ttrpg, sorcery, sword, wizard


An unholy mashup between one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite games.

Tags: gaming, roleplay, dragon, iron, lovecraft


You can never really trust people can you? Especially when you're traveling with an NPC.

Tags: dnd, d20, roleplay, role-play, dice


The most vicious outlaw necromancers

Tags: villain, warlock, undead, dungeons, evil


Cylon Centurion: By your command. Imperious Leader: Speak, Centurion. Cylon Centurion: All base ships are now in range to attack the Colonies. Imperious Leader: The final annihilation of the lifeform known a Man. Let the attack begin.

Tags: art, battlestargalactica, battlestar, cylon, vintage


dragon is dragon

Tags: dnd, swords-and-sorcery, oriental-dragon, osric, labyrinth-lord

Dragon A Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by OmegapointillistStudios
$24 $18

Join the Slayers Guild!

Tags: tabletop, wizard, gaming, roleplay, death


What happens when your hero rolls a natural 20? Read about Hunter's quest for revenge at www.HunterBlackComics.com

Tags: swords-and-sorcery, sword, comics, webcomics, kill

CRIT-HEADHUNTER Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by RaygunTeaParty
$24 $18

Tags: computer-games, videogames, fantasy, fighter, warrior


Crush your enemies with this design. Hear the lamentations of their women.

Tags: crom, barbarian, pump, training, weights

Tags: swords-and-sorcery, dnd, rpg, computer-games, videogames

Tags: art, fangirl, fanboy, starships, spaceships


Not a green transparent filter in sight.

Tags: larp, dungeons-and-dragons, world-of-warcraft, rpg, swords-and-sorcery


T-shirt inspired by the fabulous adventures of Don Quixote of the Mancha and Sancho Panza.

Tags: fantasy, swords-and-sorcery, readers, adventures, sancho-panza


The company tee for Inigo Montoya's father's swordsmithery in Spain. (Spanish versions also avail in this portfolio) "We do custom orders!" Great novelty tee sly-reference gift for Princess Bride fans. And face it- who isn't? Fantastic 80s film.

Tags: sword, eighties-movies, swords-and-sorcery, eighties, my-name-is-inigo-montoya


Totally addicted...

Tags: cliche, parody, comedy, crackpipe, smoke-crack