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Don’t make fun, don’t tease, and do not insult the Village Witch! She won’t forget and you won’t like the consequences!

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Full Moon Village Witch Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by LittleBunnySunshine
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Village Witch

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The responsibilities of the village witch include providing high-quality love potions to friends, doling out curses, and handling all the spooky situations which crop up for a tiny hamlet in the woods. This design features laurels around a pentacle, or pentagram, and draws on common symbolism found in paganism, wicca, and druidism.

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Village Witch T-Shirt - funny Halloween Gift T-Shirt with humor quote saying, broom, beautiful good witch with purple hair and Pumpkin smiles face - Jack-O-Lantern. Humorous Halloween costumes for Helloween Night 2018 2019 2020 in October 31.

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