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Motion Picture Film Reel Canister Patent 1915 - Patent blueprint drawings as a unique printable design. All patent prints are restored and digitally enhanced to remove as many flaws as possible while maintaining the integrity of the original patent blueprint.

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Film reel icon with colorful tape

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Movie Reel retro Laptop Case

by AnnArtshock
$36 $23

Tags: tpihd, unspooled, vintage, classic-movies, earwolf

Unspooled - Reel Logo Laptop Case

by Unspooled
$36 $23

created by the wonderful Jeannine Brice

Tags: filmmaker, film, podcasters, movie-buff, podcast

Classic Reels Laptop Case

by maltinonmovies
$36 $23

Benny Blanco from the Bronx

Tags: gangster-movies, movie-scene-marker, from-the-bronx, john-leguizamo, remember-me

Remember Me? Laptop Case

by TenomonMalke
$36 $23