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GCPD - Gotham Laptop Case

by wearthistee
$36 $23

I am Jerome. You are Jerome. We all are Jerome.... There's nothing more contagious than laughter! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Tags: mr-j, dc-universe, dc-comic, gotham-city, gotham

I am Jerome Laptop Case

by iRoc
$36 $23

He defeated the most powerful gangsters in town, took Fish Mooney's business by the guts and managed to stay safe from G.C.P.D.. The guy deserves a tee, he is the true king of Gotham. Long live Penguin!

Tags: comic, gotham-city, the-penguin, batman, gotham-tv-series


Gothams - Oswald Cobblepot - Penguin - Robin Lord Taylor

Tags: gotham, oswald-cobblepot, batman, the-penguin, dc-comics

Gotham - Penguin Laptop Case

by EvoComicsInc
$36 $23

For lovers of the Gotham series and the evil duo of Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma

Tags: batman, penguin, robin-lord-taylor, gotham-penguin, edward-nygma

Nygmobblepot Neon Laptop Case

by koneko
$36 $23