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An ode to a classic character of the Phantasy Star Series - Alis Landale.

Tags: gaming, phantasy-star, video-games, sega, sega-master-system


This is an original work that joins HP and the Mucha's paintings.

Tags: potter, gryffindorhouse, graphic, gryfindor, witch

Gryffindor nouveau Notebook

by Sam18artworks

Beautiful art nouveau inspired sunrise garden with tulips, iris and morning glory flowers.

Tags: vines, art-nouveau-illustration, floral, nouveau-art, iris

Art Nouveau Morning Glory Garden Notebook

by LittleBunnySunshine

Vintage Art Nouveau Japanese seagulls print

Tags: vintage, vintage-artwork, japanese, japan, illustration


Two carefully shaded bluebirds sit in the garden surrounded by daffodils and sunflowers.

Tags: sunflower, daffodils, floral, flower, garden


An example of the elegance and opulence of the roaring 20s.

Tags: pinup, chicago, prohibition, stained-glass, marble

By the Stained Glass Notebook

by CatAstropheBoxes