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These are my favorite jeans.

Tags: queer, jeans, gay-pride, gay, denim

Blue Jeans Phone Case

by JasonLloyd
$25 $20

Tags: text, typewrite, casual, white

Blue Jeans White Shirt Phone Case

by ariel161
$25 $20

Summer fun with faded jeans cutoffs.

Tags: jeans-fashion, fashion-bug, summertime, beach, cutoff-jeans

Faded Jeans Phone Case

by MBuck
$25 $20

If you love all things blue, this photo collage is for you!

Tags: deep-ellum, collage, blue, photography, blue-jeans

Main Tag

Tags: mcelroy, mbmbam, adventurezone, adventure-zone, taz

Crisp Blue Jeans Phone Case

by troytle
$25 $20

Funny Barefoot Blue Jean Princess Design.

Tags: funny-southern-sayings, cute-quote, princess, barefoot-blue-jean-princess, jeans

Barefoot Blue Jean Princess Phone Case

by teevisionshop
$25 $20

Be careful with axes. White and blue design

Tags: girl, blue, axe, hache, blue-jeans


Bugle Boy Industries, Inc. was a clothing company founded by Dr. William Mow in 1977. It is perhaps best known for its namesake brand of denim jeans that were popular in the 1980s. The company declared bankruptcy in 2001. Bugle Boy featured men's and boys' clothing, often with a denim theme. Elastic cuffs at the bottom of the jeans and cross-stitching patterns were also a major part of the Bugle Boy style, with brands such as Pilot and Cotler being its contemporaries. They also popularized parachute pants during the breakdancing fad of the early 80s, in a line called Countdown. Bugle Boy also produced men's and boys' tops, but was best known for its varieties of jeans and jean shorts.

Tags: 1990s, denim, fashion, blue-jeans, jeans

Bugle Boy New American Denim Phone Case

by JacobCharlesDietz
$25 $20

Creepy dude with gold tooth and shades

Tags: blue-jeans, blue-meth, breasts, nipples, buda

Creepy Dude Phone Case

by peteoliveriart
$25 $20

Enjoy this premium classic design. Want it customized? Commission Jarecrow today!

Tags: 1973, 70s, 1970s, sewing-machine, sewing

Tags: elvis, elvispresley, king-of-rock-and-roll, blue-jeans, sun-records-label-elvis


Classy rockabilly style pin-up.

Tags: pin-up, pin-up-girl, girl, retro, rockabilly

Rockabilly Phone Case

by Geistmaus
$25 $20

Tags: rock, singer, song, sing, famous

Elvis Phone Case

by HayleyLaurenDesign
$25 $20