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Pink, Yellow, White and Blue

Tags: gems, yellow-pearl, crystal-gems, white-pearl, pink-pearl

Pearl Phone Case

by Kruxus
$25 $20

like clockwork she spins

Tags: steven-universe, crystal-gems, blue-pearl, diamond-authority

Patience Patient Bumblebee Phone Case

by SigmaEnigma
$25 $20

Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl gracefully dance for the whole galaxy

Tags: blue-pearl, yellow-pearl, pearls, ballerina, dancer


The four Pearls from Steven Universe. The title is Italian for "The Gem Seasons". I chose Italian because they're ballerinas and ballet originates from Italy...according to my online search, at least. I'm having Blue represent winter, Pearl with spring, Yellow with summer and White (formerly Pink) with autumn

Tags: pearl, blue-pearl, crystal-gems, yellow-pearl, cartoon-network

Le Gem Stagioni Phone Case

by J D.C Illustrations
$25 $20

Tags: ruby-sapphire, rupphire, ruby-and-sapphire, sapphire, ruby

Stronger Than You Phone Case

by stateements
$25 $20