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The Steven Universe characters cosplaying as some of famous woman characters with magic powers (Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, The Legend of Korra, WITCH and Do-re-mi).

Tags: steven-universe, sailor-moon, crystal-gems, pearl, garnet

We are the power girls! Phone Case

by pisciniveus
$25 $20

Inspired by the things I am learning right now, French and to play a musical instrument

Tags: french, musician, art, vivre, do-re-mi

LA Musique Phone Case

by GraphicBazaar
$25 $20

Pink Camo Blackbear

Tags: do-re-mi, cybersex, jacob-sartorius, blackbear-help, deadroses

Pink Camo Blackbear Phone Case

by VeryRaree
$25 $20