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Tags: 4d, polytope, geometric, black, mathematics

Hypercube Phone Case

by marksmarks
$25 $20
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The logo of the Elvira and Elvis Canaveral Collective, from PINCOMBO>COM & SINTIRE.COM

Tags: art, hypercube, tardis, arcade, pinball

EL CANAVERAL Cube Logo Phone Case

by messiahcomplex
$25 $20

Mystical diagrams, symbols, sacred art, and sigils like the Multi-Dimensional Cube on this design, when used with meditation are believed to have the power to transmute alchemical reactions and spiral out to open third eyes. Sacred geometry shapes and figures can be used as a tool to expand your mind and further understanding of the universe. These symbols and marks have been part of pagan and occult symbology through the ages and hold significance in alchemy.

Tags: symbol, magic, cube, alchemy, sigil