Affiliate Tips: Taking your Patreon Account to the Next Level


Today we're going to answer "How can Patreon help me sell more shirts?"

So you already have a TeePublic store and a Patreon account. We're here to show you how the merch you’re selling on TeePublic can contribute to the rewards you’re offering on Patreon. Even better, it requires minimum effort from your side! As always we take care of everything: fulfillment, processing the orders, customer service and so on, basically mediating the risks and effort that are associated with doing that yourself.

We think we’ve created the perfect system to help you contribute to your Patreon awards, but we’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

But we do recommend testing the field first. Let your patrons know you’re experimenting with merch for a limited amount of time and you want to get their feedback. If it’s positive, tell them this can become a permanent part of your reward system.

Here are 3 effective ways we can help you contribute to your rewards:
  1. Exclusive coupon codes.


Give your patrons exclusive coupon codes they can use when purchasing from your store. You already know your numbers grow significantly when your store is discounted, so this way you kill two birds with one stone: generate more revenue and get new customers.

  • The best way to get a code is by reaching out to your dedicated account manager and asking them to set that up for you.
  • The best way to communicate the code is by posting it on Patreon, in newsletters (if you have them), or have patrons email you with a code request.

A couple of things you need to know about coupon codes:

  • A code becomes inactive when there’s a sale happening, so let your fans know they can use them again once the sale is over.
  • Our coupon codes can only last for a limited amount of time. Get in touch with your account manager to strategize recurring coupon codes.
  • Our coupons can go as high as 30% off (the same discount as our site wide sales), but we can make them for any value under 30%. If you’re not sure how much you want your coupon to be for, your account manager can work with you to figure out a good discount!
  1. Let your fans help you figure out your next design.

Having your patrons contribute to the ideas you’re putting out there is a great way to make them feel like a valuable part of your brand. Why not let them decide what your next design should be? You can also let them suggest designs you should curate, help out with a design contest, vote on colorways, anything! Not only are you giving them super special access, you’re also optimizing your store for your audience on a larger scale!

  1. Use merch in your rewards levels.

We offer a wide variety of products at different price points. You could offer your patrons different products in exchange for the amount they pledged. To give you an example: $25+ patrons could get 3 free stickers from your store which would cost you $2 per sticker + shipping (or $1.50 per sticker if you’d like to forego your commission). Your fans receive an awesome reward and you still receive a significant portion of the donation!

For more options like the example above, contact your dedicated account manager and together you can come up with a plan. To get a sense of our shipping options check this out.

Now that we’ve figured out what you can give your fans, you might be wondering how to get them their super cool merch. Here’s how it works:

  • Create your reward or add a TeePublic merch option to a rewards tier you already have. Talk with your account manager to find the best solution.
  • We send you a Google form to use for fulfillment. It’ll include all the information we need to get your fans their products like full name, shipping address, product choice, size and color.
  • At the end of the month (or as they come) we take care of the orders, and then send you an invoice via Paypal.

Simple as that. What do you think? Want to give this a try?

If you’re interested in implementing any of the above, the next step is reaching out to your dedicated account manager, code word is PATREON. ;)