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Proud to be a cyclist in Colorado!

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Keep on riding!

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biking to far far away...

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A crankset with 5 bolt holes, square taper. A fun tshirt design for a cyclist.

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Bike Crankset Posters and Art

by mailboxdisco

A collection of bike parts arranged into a pattern. A chain and orange wheel surround a cassette, crankset and cogs.

Tags: tour-de-france, mtb, collage, bike-parts, rider

Bike Parts Posters and Art

by mailboxdisco

A fun design for riders of single speeds and fixies. A black and white crankset with the text, one single speed is all I need.

Tags: mtb, single-speed-bicycle, single-speed-bike, fixed-gear-bicycle, peddle-fixed-gear-bike

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