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Cute and Happy Fluffy Little Panda Bear, with Bamboo and a Big Orange Sun on Background. Original Digital Painting Copyright BluedarkArt.

Tags: cheerful, paws, asia, black-and-white, wild-animals


Cute design featuring a Panda holding a sword and in pirate outfit.

Tags: panda-bear-cub, baby-panda, pirate, bear, pirate-panda


This adorable design features a small panda bear cub with a Christmas theme. The baby panda bear is wearing a large red and white Santa hat with its head tilted slightly to one side. The oversized head mixed with the details in the fur give the design a unique combination of a realistic and cartoon look. This adorable design is a unique and fun Christmas themed animal.

Tags: animal-wearing-santa-hat, santa-hat, merry-christmas, christmas-animal, christmas-baby

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This adorable design features a small baby panda pirate. The tiny panda bear cub is wearing a leather pirate hat with a skull and crossbones as well as an eye patch. The design has a combination of details and a cartoon look which makes it very unique.

Tags: animal, panda, panda-cub, panda-bear, panda-bear-cub