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Tom Beatty was a dry lakes racer who later became a speed shop owner. There were a number of speed manufacturers during the 1950s producing racing cams, heads, etc. and Tom worked for a number of them and truly honed his craft. Tom Beatty Automotive Engineering made all kinds of engines for all kinds of go-fast applications, so whether you were breaking records at Bonneville, tearing up the quarter mile in Fremont, or forcing buddy to hang on for dear life at Lake Elsinore, Tom was your guy. From manifolds to superchargers, Tom made it to his exacting specifications which resulted in engines that ran stronger and pulled harder than anything the big name builders were making.

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Bill Jenkins attended college at Cornell University, where he studied mechanical engineering and by his own admission, he wasn’t much of a student, and dropped out after completing three years of his four-year program. Though Jenkins may have lacked an aptitude for taking tests, it was clear that he’d learned quite a bit during his time at Cornell. When the small-block Chevy V-8 debuted in 1955, it didn’t take Jenkins long to realize that the engine had serious potential for drag racing, and by the early 1960s, he’d developed something of a cult following among East Coast racers, who knew that a Jenkins-built engine significantly increased one’s odds of winning races.

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John Schlieper’s legendary Schlieper’s Speed Shop in Brookfield, WI, built engines for everything from modifieds and USAC race cars to top fuel dragsters and all out baja race trucks, but also turned out plenty of mills for the occasional hot rod and street fighting muscle car.

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Schlieper’s Speed Shop Sticker

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