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Star Trek Disco variant featuring the delta shield in navy blue.

Tags: discovery, disco, uss-discovery, delta, delta-shield


Discovery HSF Dept. is our awesome new college style typography and graphic design shirt with a cool retro varsity look.

Tags: netflix, space-flight, parody, transporter, athletic-dept

Discovery - HSF Dept. Tapestry

by a_man_oxford
$50 $38

United federation of Planets

Tags: tv, star-trek-discovery, science-fiction, sci-fi, space

Starfleet Patch Tapestry

by OrangeCup
$50 $38
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Zero VOQs Given

Tags: klingon-warrior, klingons, klingon, michael-burnham, klingon-empire

Zero VOQs Given Tapestry

by TrulyMadlyGeekly
$50 $38