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This little guy is an absolute bastard.


This will really tie your wardrobe together. Items featured are: - Ferret thrown by the nihilists into The Dude's bathtub - A White Russian - Crowbar used by Walter to vandalise the car - Walter's gun - A bowling ball - The Stranger's sasparilla bottle - The stars featured on the wall of the bowling alley - The Dude's 'cigarette' - The severed toe - A handicapped parking symbol - The briefcase - The Dude's bath robe - A tumbleweed - The Dude's rug - Cynthia's dog - The cheque for $0.69 The Dude uses to buy a carton of milk - Los Angeles - A carton of milk - Lebowski's wheelchair - The Dude's sunglasses - The rubbing The Dude makes of Jackie Treehorn's doodle - Jesus' bowling glove - The key to the city of...

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