An otter in a very charming waistcoat.

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The fossa is native to Madagascar, and is most closely related to the mongoose. Here we see its softer side.

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Fossa T-Shirt

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A musical game of cat and mouse.

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Captain Barktholomew of the Howlers, with three of his loyal trench-rats. A legend amongst dachshunds, Captain Barktholomew is famous for his victory at the battle of Water-trough, where he rallied the canine forces to defeat the feline scourge.

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Tell people how you really feel, but in a cute, quirky way. With Flamingos!

Tags: insults, puns-and-humor, flamingos, candy-pink, glitter


A very intelligent hound dog.

Tags: dog, monocle, hound, nerd, puppy


A tiny pink kitten small enough to fit in a tea cup.

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The eureka dog of science, here to help you exclaim your brilliance and look cool while doing it.

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Retro styled, cotton candy pink kitten. What more could you ask for?

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Two companions bathed in moonlight travel together through the night.

Tags: moon, wildlife, red-fox, timber-wolf, companionship


This delightful wee fellow is a true gentleman. He helps old lady squirrels cross the trees, and frequently donates to charities that aid victims of deforestation.

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