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3rd card design I created! Gypsy is such a queen! Notice even her body makes an appearance!

Tags: geek-gear, mst3k-the-return, satellite-of-love, mystery-science-theatre-3000, mst3000


Here's my second card piece for MST3K. Tom is, of course, in a dress, and the Queen of Hearts is very appropriate for Tommy. He's very sweet and is always losing his head!

Tags: mst3k, mst3k-apparel, sci-fi, mystery-science-theatre-3000, tom-servo


This card idea was originally an invention exchange in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I wanted to create my own version, because there was no other I could find! And now I've done more cards and I'm ready to do more!

Tags: mst3k, crow-t-robot, mystery-science-theatre-3000, mst3k-apparel, crow