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Merch for Strangerous' first album 'Ascendant Abyss' See more colors at

Tags: norway, strange, strangerous, artist, music

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Merch for Strangerous' first album 'Ascendant Abyss'

Tags: noise, merchandise, merch, norway, artist


The most metal red panda! Retsuko from aggretsuko. Character by Sanrio, art by me (NoElSt). Choke on my rage!

Tags: metal, rock, retsuko, anime, sanrio


Takeshi Kovacs with his sweet backpack. Character belongs to Netflix/Kalogridis/Morgan Art by me, NoElSt

Tags: joel-kinnaman, altered-carbon-netflix, fanart, rainbow, art


"Help Bibbit unsad" - Beast from Dirk gentlys Holistic Detective Agency season 2

Tags: dirk-gently, dghda, beast, bibbit-and-the-beast, emily-tennant

Tags: communism, socialism, political, politics, gender-equality

Tags: hogwarts, life, gryffindor, voldemort, harrypotter

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Tags: communism, socialism, anarchist, anarchy, political

Tags: tv, sci-fi, whovian

Tags: james-marsters, stake, joss-whedon, vampire, btvs

Tags: sci-fi, tv, whovian

Tags: nerfherder, leia-solo, science-fiction, sci-fi, jedi

Tags: pop-culture, tv-shows, 11, tv, netflix

Tags: netflix, bart, dirk-gentlys-holistic-detective-agency, tv-series, dirk-gently

Tags: studio-ghibli, wizard, harrypotter, jk-rowling, harry

Tags: airbender, geek, the-last-airbender, avatar, aang

Tags: dirk-gentlys-holistic-detective-agency, tv-series, netflix, dirk-gently


Amanda Brotzman from Dirk Gentlys holistic detective agency

Tags: art-nouveau-border, art, fanart, dghda, hannah-marks


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