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wakanda 4ever!!!

Tags: tchalla, marvel, wakanda


The Greatest Play Call Of All Time

Tags: philly, philly-philly, dilly-dilly

Tags: jose, jose-hurricane, tornado, harvey-strom, climate-change

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Stand with Standing Rock. Be a water protector.

Tags: stand-with-standing-rock, nodapl, water-is-life, standing-rock-sioux-tribe, dakota-access-pipeline

Tags: bad-hombres, hombres, trump, political-satire, donald-trump

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Tags: im-with-her, hillary-clinton, nasty-women, hillary, clinton

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Tags: humor, funny-physics, neutron, physics-humor, think-like-a-proton

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Tags: super-teacher, teacher-superpower, teacher-design, proud-to-be-a-teacher, reasons-to-be-a-teacher

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Tags: nasty-women, hillary-clinton, im-with-her

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Tags: south-park, southpark, cartman, kenny, kyle

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