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From 14 May 1943 to 21 April 1945, the squadron conducted strategic bombardment of shipyards, submarine bases, marshaling yards, oil facilities, airfields, and aircraft plants. On occasion, it flew tactical sorties against gun emplacements, rocket sites, enemy troops, and communications centers. On 17 August 1943, it earned its first Distinguished Unit Citation, striking targets at Regensburg and Schweinfurt, Germany. Soon after, on 14 October 1943, the squadron participated in World War II's single most important raid on ball-bearing factories at Schweinfurt. On 9 April 1944, it earned a second DUC in an attack on aircraft component factories at Poznań, Poland. The squadron subsequently attacked enemy field batteries and miscellaneous targ

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337th Bomb Squadron WWII w SVC Onesie

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