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Sinister descent

Tags: awesome, halloween-art, halloween, weird, punk

Creepy Puppet Descending Tapestry

by SuspendedDreams

Creepy art design with an evil black flower monster with sharp teeth biting a hand. This weird horror inspired illustration in grey, red and black will appeal to a person who likes gothic style and unusual, dark art.

Tags: monster, illustration, pain, creepy-art, gothic-art


Halloween Ghoul Custom Background Art Creation. Cool Halloween shirt for a spooky night of handing out Halloween candy to all the Halloween goblins, ghost and ghouls. Would be a nice Halloween gift for friends or family. Happy Halloween.

Tags: creepy-art, werewolf, wolf-man, wax-lips, dracula

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solid dreams

Tags: design, space, work, art, owl

The Owl Tapestry

by bulografik

Horror inspired digital painting of a hand being painfully stabbed by a black sphere which it is holding and squeezing, spikes cutting through the flesh and skin.

Tags: horror, weird, bizarre, freak, pain