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a modest, but rather fascinating creature and part- time ruler of the universe. But this is a different story.

Tags: hidden, old, ancient, cartoon, dark

woodlouse Hoodie

by greendeer

Woodlouse Animal Insect Mammal

Tags: bug, insect, animal, rock, band


Man Woodlouse

Tags: animal, beetles, man, woodlouse, bug

Man Woodlouse Hoodie

by Logard

Drawing of roly polies, also known as pill bugs or wood louse.

Tags: inverted, rainbow, drawing, woodlouse, crustacean

Roly Poly Hoodie

by RaLiz
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Roly Poly pill bug has a gift for you.

Tags: cute, sweet, heart, roly-poly, pill-bug

Pillbug Hoodie

by AmberStone