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Let's be honest: when you're playing video games, you're laid back. Let everyone know! Maybe you're asleep? Maybe you just don't like games where people are doing things? Who knows?

Tags: videogaming, video-game-parody, videogamers, video-gamer, video-game


Alligators and snakes and scorpions, oh my!

Tags: pitfall-videogame, activision, pitfall


A design inspired from the game call of duty : black ops 4

Tags: activision, games


Parody of RIVER RAID game for ATARI and a SCI-FI movie

Tags: rebelraid, riverraid, videogame, atari, activision


Spyro the Dragon in fancy clothing

Tags: playstation, gaming, activision, dragon, spyrothedragon


We all know that guy, right? You know? That. guy. This will help avoid being "that guy". You are welcome to be the guy that calls that guy a dickhead.

Tags: cod, gaming, gamer, humor, retro

Tags: chopper-commandos, atari-2600, activision, retrogaming, 8bit


Mashup of ATARI videogame and Sci-Fi movie

Tags: atari, gaming, videogame, riverraid, retro


Spyro colored purple but with no fill

Tags: skylanders, activision, spyro-the-drago, gamer, nostalgia

Tags: chicken-foundation, 8bit, atari-2600, video-games, retrogaming


Who's pumped for the Reignited Trilogy?

Tags: spyro-reignited, video-games, activision, playstation, spyro


Zenyatta prays for his fellow machines

Tags: xboxone, blizzard, overwatchgame, iron-giant, zenyatta


Crash Bandicoot has become Dark Souls. It's a horrible shame.

Tags: trilogy, activision, ps4, ps1, parody


Is it too hard? Are people not good at it? Are the hit boxes too pill-shaped? It's just like...

Tags: ps4games, ps4, naughty-dog, activision, crash-bandicoot-n-sane-trilogy

Tags: tracer, over-watch, overwatchgame, bastion, junkrat


dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS?

Tags: wow, gaming, activision, pc, overwatch


Sekiro (Death)

Tags: walkthrough, guide, hidetaka-miyazaki, bloodborne, activision

Sekiro (Death) Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by herrerajulius21

Need something to ward off your enemies? Brandish this intimidating tee, and assert your dominance!

Tags: videogame, intimidate, dominance, dlc, rise-of-iron


Can you say "smithereens"? Even a simple touch will blow you away!

Tags: dragon, gaming, 90s, nerdculture, nerd


A fan-made logo for Neo Cortex Corp. from Crash Bandicoot videogames.

Tags: dragon, gaming, crash, bandicoot, videogame


How many times has it happened to be missing just a crate to have the gem in Crash Bandicoot? Wear the symbol of frustration and let everyone know that you do not give up easily!

Tags: dragon, gaming, ps1, playstation, videogames

Tags: dragon, gaming, ps1, spyro, playstation


Only a true Crash Fan know this crate!

Tags: dragon, gaming, neo-cortex, crate, bandicoot