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If the apocalypse comes, you'll want to show your nerdy stripes.

Tags: podcast, nerd, culture, pop-culture

Surviving the Apocalypse the Nerd's Way Kids T-Shirt

by Surviving the Apocalypse the Nerd's Way
$18 $13

zombie are cool until you've got to fight them yourself...

Tags: post-apocalyptic, mad-max, zombie

apocalypes Kids T-Shirt

by the_zombi_that_artz
$18 $13

Not to long ago the world was hit with a virus. It couldn't be cured!!! Everybody who wasn't strong enough died and came back to life.

Tags: apocalyptic, apocalypse-now, archer, archery, endgame

Apocalypse Survivor Kids T-Shirt

by MoonlightsCrazyWorld
$18 $13