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I love studio ghibli, and i could watch all their films all the time, and kiki and jiji are my fave characters, so here is my kawaii, chibi inspired version.

Tags: fanboy, fangirl, manga, animecute, anime


Want to collaborate your love for Drake's In My Feelings and Kiki's Delivery Service? Well what are you waiting for, are you riding or not?

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Kiki & Jiji fan art by Wynsfield

Tags: kiki-fan-art, kikisdeliveryservice, art, fanart, hayao-miyazaki


Jiji stayed behind, but Kiki went ahead to enjoy her night.

Tags: witch, miyazaki, girl, anime, kikis-delivery-service-fan-art

KiKi Flight Long Sleeve T-Shirt

by Loetitta
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